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Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs cooking in 1 inch boiling water

Cooks Illustrated is a cooking magazine I use a lot. This is their perfected method of making hard boiled eggs which do not explode!

At Easter I make my Russian family’s eggs dyed in dried onion skins. I buy extra onions to make sure I have enough!!


  • 6-24 white large eggs
  • Dried onion skins from 3 lbs yellow onions

Directions to Cook Eggs

  1. Gather 6 large white eggs that are cold and straight from the frig. Check them closely for cracks
  2. In a 2-3 quart saucepan bring 1 inch water to a boil
  3. Either place a steamer in the water or use a pair of prongs to gently place each egg in the boiling water
  4. Cover and reduce to a low simmer for 13 minutes
  5. In a medium bowl place 2 cups of cold water and 2 cups of ice
  6. Place cooked eggs in ice water and let sit 15 minutes
  7. This method should give you perfectly cooked eggs ready fo dying or peeling
Use a pair of tongs that safely hold an egg

Directions to Onion Dye Eggs

  1. Peel dried brown skins from 3 pounds yellow onions and place in a 6-8 quart pot
  2. Cover skins with water. Cover pot and bring to a boil. Let cool to room temperature
  3. Add eggs. I usually make 18-24 eggs with this amount of onion skins
  4. The longer the eggs soak in the water the darker they get. Sometimes the dye seeps into the egg white
  5. You can get a marble like effect if you wrap the skin around each egg and keep them in place with string or rubber bands
  6. If you soak the eggs more than 2 hours, cover the pot and refrigerate
Cooked eggs soaking in dried onion skins and water
Russian style Easter eggs
I soaked these eggs for 5 hours


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  1. Beautiful eggs! I should do this with my Russian girls!

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