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Chaffle: Cheese and Waffle

This super easy fun waffle recipe is from

She has amazing recipes!

The cheese and egg waffle called Chaffle!
Mozzarella cheese and egg are all you need
Grate the mozzarella
Add eggs
Combine egg and mozzarella
Pour Batter into hot Belgium style waffle maker
Close the lid and wait till the light turns green
Crispy Chaffle!


  • This recipe makes 2 Chaffles
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese (4-8 ounces)
  • 2 eggs


  1. Place grated mozzarella in a small bowl. The original recipe from uses 4 ounces cheese and 1 egg. I found less cheese works great too
  2. Add eggs and mix with a spoon
  3. Pour batter onto hot Belgium waffle iron. Mine is a nonstick surface. You may need to coat it with a tiny bit of oil first
  4. I set mine on my usual low setting for waffles and waiting till the light turned green. They were perfect!
Voila! My beautiful delicious Chaffle!
Thank you Michelle from

No Carb Key Lime Cheesecakes posted this recipe on Pinterest. It’s delish, practically no carbs and low cal if you eat only one serving!  Making small shooters or 1/2 cup size containers is what keeps the calories down. I also use Greek cream cheese and yogurt instead of cream cheese. It has more of a tang and fewer calories and fat. 

I slightly changed the recipe by adding more lime juice, less Splenda, and no vanilla.I also omitted the food coloring. The lime zest and juice add a hint of green that reminds me of Florida and their Key Lime Pies!

I have a Ninja food chopper which pulverizes the pecans! No added butter needed for this crust. A few seconds in the Ninja and its smaller vessel and your crust is ready to be layered in your serving containers. Use a larger amount of pecans if you’d like more crust

  • Finely chop 1/2 to 3/4 cup pecans
  • Distribute evenly into 6-8  small 1/2 cup size containers such as 4 oz canning jars or punch cups
  • Tap down the pecans to form a crust with the bottom of a spice jar or something similar in size
  • In a medium bowl beat together until smooth and creamy:

8 oz Greek cream cheese and yogurt

Zest of 1 lime (reserve 1-2 short strips of rind to garnish the final topping)

1/2 cup fresh lime juice (this may take 2 limes)

  • Whip until stiff 

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

  • Fold into the cream cheese mixture 1/3 of the whipped cream
  • Spoon this over the pecan crust and spread evenly with the back of a teaspoon
  • Take the remaining whipped cream and spoon over the cream cheese mix. Spread evenly with a teaspoon
  • Slice the reserved strips of rind into 6-8 thin pieces
  • Layer on top of your cheesecakes
  • Voila! Refrigerate until ready to eat!