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Where To Go in Sardinia?

We spent a week in Sardinia over 20 years ago and vowed to return.  Last time we attended a conference at a resort on the southern tip, Chia Laguna, and also drove to Bosa and up to Castelsardo on the north coast. This time we spent 2 weeks in Bosa on the west coast, and took day trips from there.

With our rental car we took an overnight ferry from Bonifacio Corsica to Sardinia.

Here are some pics and sights worth seeing!

The Sardinian coastline on our drive from the ferry port at Santa Theresa de Galura to Bosa.

Approaching Bosa

Bosa is an ancient city founded in 1112 by the Malaspina. They built the Malaspina castle on a hill overlooking the Temo River or the Fiume Temo and the Mediterranean Sea. Ruins of a Roman bridge and San Pietro church dedicated in 1058 are also on the river.

   Bosa on the Fiume Temo and the Mediterranean Sea.

 Bosa and the mountains around

Castle view from our apartment

 The River Temo and the old tannery buildings with fishing nets and boat.


Malaspina Castle ruins

Almond trees in the castle property  

Ancient tannery buildings  

Renovated Tannery buildings 

Bosa has a long history of tanning hides of animals to make the leather purses and coats we love. They did this for centuries till 1963. These are the buildings where the hides were processed and the river which provided the water. Today the buildings are turning into boutiques and cafes.


A Romanesque style church, San Pietro, up the river founded in 1058.

  San Pietro


wall near the Romanesque church. 


Colorful Bosa


Evening on the Temo River


One of many squares for relaxing


This tiny truck style is seen everywhere




Colorful coastline on our drive north to Alghero. Ancient CatalanArgonese of northern Spain had  7000 watch towers all over and many still stand. Theses towers were built close together along the coast so they could communicate with each other and warn the people of pirates and invaders. In the Middle Ages Sardinia became 4 kingdoms. The Pisans and Genoese battled for it in the 13th century. In 1479 Sardinia became a Spanish Territory. In 1720 the Italian Savoys took over. Sardinia became part of Italy in the 1861 Italian Unification.



Untouched close ups!

Fishing boat in Bosa on Fiume Temo

Ancient CatalanArgonese watch towers are all over Sardinia.  They were spaced close together along the coast so they could communicate with each other. This one is in Bosa Marina, on the Mediterranean Sea.



  Bosa on the Fiume Temo

An old timer in Bosa with his double sided satchel and his walking stick. 

This special train ride was the green train or the Treno Verde which was a lovely ride through the Malvasía wine regions and a wine tasting along the way. The presenter was of the Columba family, first award winners for Malvasía.


Treno Verde  

Malvasía vineyards  

Malvasía vineyards near Bosa  


Verde friends from Poland and Milano in Trennura, where the ride ended. Colorful murals cover the town walls. Similar murals are seen in other villages too.


More beautiful scenery on the road from Bosa north to Alghero.


Sheep grazing along the road to Alghero


is an hour drive and is a larger ancient city. 


We took a boat trip to Cappo Rossa…..  

And to Neptunes Grotto which is so large it took an hour to walk through!

We took a day trip to Silanus to see the Santo Sabina Tower or Thelos which dates to 1800-500 BC. There are 7000 of these types of structures all over Sardinia today and there used to be more. They are generally called nuraghi of the nuraghi people. They probably came to the island from what we know as the Italian mainland. The towers were probabLy watch towers. We entered this tower and climbed to the top.

Santo Sabina Church is Byzantine style and used the basalt rocks from the top tiers of the nuraghi tower to build the church.


The surrounding pasteurland is lovely and the positioning of these 2 architectural time periods.




There are miles of these stone walls in Sardinia and there is no mortar used to keep them together.

An ancient well dating to the nuraghi.


Also took a ride towards Macomer to the Tamuli where we saw the Tombs of the 3 Giants, which are burial sites in stone and are also of the nuraghi.

These are the 3 women of the 6 Menhir watching over the village and the tomb of the Giants. The Menhir always face east.



 Here is part of the nuraghi village

Rocky mountains overlooking pasteurland and sheep.


Murals like this are painted in Montresta, a village with strong Greek heritage near Bosa.

Mural of the Sardinian flag with the faces of two famous artists from the village, a poet and a singer.

Here’s some new renovation in Montresta where growth and tourism are developing.



Ancient farm structures in Montresta.

Church in Montrsta

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