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Where to go in Corsica?

We had the opportunity to experience Corsica  over 25 years ago when Dave gave a talk in southern Sardinia. We rented a car and drove north through Sardinia and took the 1 hour ferry to Corsica! It was an overwhelming experience we wanted to repeat. 

This spring we did, but we started in the north of Corsica in Bastia and traveled south. Our first stop was Occhiatana located in the north just south of Ill-Rousse. We stayed in a heavenly apartment overlooking Belgodère, the next town over, and the valley in between.

Then we moved down to Sartène for a few days and then to Bonafacio where we had a lucky 24 hours because the sea was too rough for the ferry to cross. Enjoy the views!

Leaving the port of Marseille France for Bastia, Corsica which is also France.

Bastia, a port in NE Corsica 


Occhiatana, a tiny town in the mountains of northern Corsica where we spent 10 days. 


Montemaggiore, a hill town overshadowed by the HUGE mountain, Montegrosso.

Pigna, a town of craftsmen and artists in a newly renovated chocolate box style.

Sant ‘Antonino is one of the oldest villages in Corsica 
The beach is 10 minutes from Occhiatana 


The Citadelle of Calvi, an ancient city which attracts tourists to their upscale style, historical sites, views, climate and beaches.


Port of Calvi


View of Calvi from Chappelle de Notre -Dame de la Serra

The Citadelle of Cortè from Le Belgodère. There is a good historical museum in the Citadelle. The students were demonstrating here, so we could not tour the museum or Citadel, but this view was marvelous!


The charming old town center of Cortè 



Speloncato, a town way up in the mountains near Occhiatana. This was an important Roman city. There are many WWI memorials in Corsica.


The Gulf of Gironalto on the drive south along the west coast. The coastal town of Porto is located in this gulf. We found this to be the most beautiful drive in our trip.

   Les Calanches is this rocky red area near Piana. A thrilling drive, though north of here at the Gulf of Gironalto area is more magnificent

The view in Piana from Les Roches Rouges Hotel where we stopped for lunch.


Sarténe is a mystical town in the hills of southern Corsica. It is known as the most Corsican of towns. We stayed at Les Roches Hotel where the views were endless.



We took a short drive from Sarténe to see some of the many ancient megaliths and dolmens. We met a band of goats there and luckily Dave befriended the herding dog who did not like us at first!


Artifacts from the archeological museum in Sarténe. The blue beads remind me of the Turkish evil eye glass which offers protection from evil spirits.


Bonifacio is a magnificent coastal town in southern Corsica. It’s a port for the ferries to Sardinia. We spent a night at this charming spot, Hotel Columba. The coast is immense and has many perspectives. The watch towers are ancient.


This coastline can be seen from many points. The cemetery offers a big picture view. The Port Gene perspective is up close and in your face!


As we take the car ferry on the short 1 hour trip to Sardinia, we say Au revoir to Corsica! 

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  1. My goodness, what fun you must be having!


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