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What’s to Eat in Corsica?

Corsica is a beautiful French island south of Provence in the Mediterranean Sea. We took an overnight ferry/cruise ship there from Marseille. Magnificent mountains and hill towns envelope valleys, bands of goats, olive trees, cork trees, fragrant shrubby plants and vineyards. 

Historically the island indured constant invasions. It was governed by Pisa and Genoa and was finally given to France. Because of the invasions, the people moved to the interior of the island for refuge. Therefore they did not eat seafood! The traditional diet was and still is goats milk cheese, goat, wild boar, beef, pasta, olives, wine, bread and produce. Today there’s great seafood along the coastal towns!



Le Ranch in Occhiatana has wood fire pizza and roasted meats, typical Corse foods and home made desserts, plus a fantastic view!


Typical Corse lunch-goats milk cheese sprinkled with dried mountain thyme, cured wild boar and beef meats and fig jam.


Wood fire roasted veal chop covered with melted strong cheese 


Wood fire roasted lamb


Wood fire thin crust pizza


A liver sausage with figs 


Corse soup is a split pea like soup with beans and vegetables


Traditional wild boar stew with potatoes


Grilled beef steak with Roquefort cheese sauce. Much of this cheese is made from Corsican goats milk. The bacteria is added in Roquefort France.


Wild boar stew over pasta


Wild boar bacon, liver sausage, bread with melted goat cheese and a fried egg, a Corse lunch.


A crepe thin omelette with grated cheese and herbs


Spaghetti soaked in a rich seafood and meat sauce with gambas, a shrimp like shellfish


Calamari braised in a rich paprika sauce and the above spaghetti at L’Escale in Tizzano, on the sea


Wild boar in wine sauce with baked tomato 

Cigli or tiny lobsters with onions and baked tomato


Risotto with squid ink and lobster bites topped with gambas and a bubbly fish sauce 


A white fish over artichoke purée with a gamba and fish sauce 


A unique appetizer! Phyllo like rounds rolled around a piece of lobster, then fried and layered with lettuce and a saffron aoli dipping sauce


Voilà! Dining at Les Roches Rouges Hotel in Piana

U Castillè: A great eatery with a variety of venues in Bonifacio 

Sea view 

A pot full of mussels with lemon and white wine


St Pierre, a white fish with rice and a roasted red pepper sauce

Some fast foods from the patisseries  and delis


Sartenès specialty, pastry filled  with liver sausage 


Croque Monsieur, a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with melted cheese and goat cheese rounds on top


A sandwich with prosciutto and sliced cheese on ciabatta 

The best pastisserie in Cortè 


Soft bread with melted cheese on top, like a mini cheese pizza


Ham and cheese melted on a pastry cut in squares


Dry cheesecake that is not very sweet


The 3 Stars is an award winning pastisserie in Belgedere 


Strawberry tart from Belgedere

Brioche with local fresh goat cheese



Semi frozen dessert with strawberry sauce from Bonifacio


Dry cheesecake with no crust from Le Ranch in Occhiatano  

These  clementines grow all over Corsica. They make jams out of them and also from lemons and limes and sell them at the markets and shops

Corsica is a dramatically beautiful and earthy land. It’s a favorite!

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  1. Hi, Sounds like a gourmet’s paradise. Fabulous! Rose


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