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Two Days in Milano

Milan is the Paris of Italy. Paris is always a good idea as Audrey Hepburn says. I think Milan is too!

Every time we go, we discover something new. This time it was the Boscolo Hotel, the hair make over at Marchianos, the Salsamenteria di Parma Restaurant, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and of course the shopping and the risotto! It was only 2 days, but every minute was packed!

We always treasure our visits with the Nebulonis! They met us at the Boscolo Hotel where we stayed.


Cool lobby of the Boscolo!

Boscolo Lounge

Boscolo Pool and Spa


Our bedroom at the Boscolo


Cool bedside lamp



Breakfast buffet mini pancakes skewered with ham and cheese at the Boscolo!


Dinner at Salsamenteria di Parma Restaurant. Very authentic food from the food capital of Italy, Emilia-Romagna!

Lambrusco is a sparkling light red wine served cold to balance the heavy flavors of the EmiliaRomagna region.

And at this rustic restaurant it is served in ceramic bowl!

Here are 2 spreads for the rustic crusty bread:Parmesan with olive oil spread and sautéed onion spread

Prosciutto and sausages, specialties of a salumeria, which is an Italian deli.

Lasagne with a meaty ragu and Parmesan cheese

Ravioli filled with zucca, which looks like our pumpkin and tastes like our butternut squash.

And for dessert, Salumi de Chocolat! This is a dessert I have made which is a base of broken vanilla wafer like cookies with chocolate, butter, nuts and powdered sugar. The light color pieces of cookie are to represent the fat chunks of salami! It’s a cookie log that is not baked which is rolled in powdered sugar and then sliced.

My Milano Hair Salon Experience at Marchiano’s


Those aren’t my legs:)

A hair styling involved all these people plus one more!


The Poldi Pezzoli Museum is a private mansion turned into an art museum. Similar to the Fricks in NYC and the Isabella Stewart Gardener in Boston.


Bar at the Boscolo. Very trendy crowd. A buffet of antipasti finger foods were available. The view is of the Duomo

Dinner at a nearby pizzeria for risotto with zucca and shrimp and risotto with red wine and cheese

Milan is a beautiful exciting city that should be on your travel list. Next time I’d go to the Expo!!! It’s like the Worlds Fair of Italy, focusing on FOOD! It’s located in Rho, a town just outside Milan.