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Fresh Cheese with Honey & Figs/Mel I Mato Amb Figues

This is a traditional Catalyan dessert made with a cheese only a day or two old. This cheese that is barely a cheese is traditionally made with goat’s, sheep’s or now cow’s milk. The best examples are from Montserrat, outside of Barcelona. When purchased there, the cheese is wrapped in large green leaves to keep it’s shape and freshness.  The best substitute available is whole milk ricotta and when sprinkled with a little sugar is also a delicious popular breakfast in Catalonia.

For each serving place on a small plate:

One 1/2 inch slice or a spoonful about 1/2 cup in size of whole milk ricotta cheese

One fresh fig, stem removed, cut in quarters, flesh side up; dried figs are a good substitute

Drizzle evenly with honey

Serve at once!

Nutrition Note: This cheese is a rich source of calcium and protein and a very healthy dessert lower in fat & sugar than most!

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