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Virgin White Sangria

I made this refreshing drink for a bridal shower and everyone loved it! It is tart and refreshing! Sorry I don’t have a photo. It’s a light neutral pink color. It’s very easy and uncomplicated.

Mix this up just before serving. The sparkling water will get flat if it sits too long. Or you can combine the 3 juices. Refrigerate until you’re ready to serve, and then add the sparkling water and fruit when you’re ready to party!

4 cups 100% white grape juice (Welch’s is best!)

1 cup FRESH pink grapefruit juice or more

2 tablespoons FRESH lime juice or more (I used an entire lime)

1 liter sparkling water

Add more of the tart flavors if you like.

Add fresh sliced limes and peeled fresh grapefruit segments and serve in a cool bowl, pitcher or beverage dispenser. I use the peeled grapefruit segments packed in natural unsweetened juice you can find in the produce refrigerated sections.

You can also make an ice ring out of the punch ingredients with some lime and grapefruit slices added.

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