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What’s to Eat in Provence?


The super sweet strawberries of Provence are in season in April.

I bought these at a road side stand, but the Marches or farm markets have them too

The Marches are in all the villages. There is a regular schedule and are well attended. The more popular have a waiting line to the entrance before they open

Love these long radishes


Many colors of these curvy tomatoes

Lots of varieties of lettuce


This fat asparagus was in season along with the thinner and even thinner varieties. The white asparagus needs to be peeled first and then simmered 30 minutes. Yummy!


This is delish cows milk cheese was one of hundreds sold in France.



Cured meats sold at the marches.


Dave enjoys foie gras. It is a controversial food because it is goose liver made by force feeding the geese using funnels. This makes the liver very large. It’s an old tradition.

Rotisserie chickens are popular at the marches. Get there early for the free range chickens. They are larger and much more tasty!


The smaller chickens are called blanc poulets or white chickens. They never see the light of day. The tiny birds are quail.


This is our 1/2 free range chicken we ate for 2 dinners

More prepared foods from the marches! Paella and Fish in Cream Sauce 


Fried chicken in a paella pan


Andalusian style seafood paella. All these foods are cooked right on the spot!

A trio of tapenades from the farm market: black olive, green olive and paprika with tomato.

   Grocery store delis have great salads. Here is a calamari with tomato, octopus with tiny onions, roasted red pepper and olives, and a roasted tomato and red pepper salad. The black oil – cured olives are flavored here with herbs of Provence.

 Quiche Lorraine has bacon. The other is spinach and goat cheese

What is better than a French chocolate croissant? A chocolate almond paste croissant or a chocolate raisin croissant!

Lunch in France is decadent! Here is the most tender smoked salmon, mussels with butter parsley sauce, tiny squid salad, brandada ( a cod mashed with potato and cream ), a diced raw tuna salad! Voila!

Dave loved this  grilled ground beef with thick bacon, fried egg and French fries.


Eggs and omelettes are classic French. This is a simple grated mild cheese and chopped ham.


Classic Nicoise Salad with tuna, eggs and olives

This was a first course. Chopped salmon salad with a slice of salmon on top. 

 Pork in a rich sauce with potatoes.


This was a dessert. Cheese with a beet purée!

My favorite lunch! Poached turbot with   a cream butter sauce and poached veggies.


A vegetarian platter of braised endive, a vegetable tart, phyllo wrapped around apple and radish leaf soup!


Moussaka without pasta and made with lamb and tomato.

Crepes are sweet and galettes are savory and made with buckwheat.  This one is tomato and goat cheese with ham.


Galette Provençal with chicken, eggplant, mushroom and red pepper.


Our farm house rental had a grill for us to grill beef kabobs and a huge calamari!

Raspberry tart 


A beautiful  light mousse filled with cake and topped with an exotic fruit and it’s petals called a ground cherry or husk tomato.


Looks like a Chinese lantern!

Love sharing our foodie adventures with you!

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