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My Kitchen Re-do! Before the Demo

photo 1

Before Kitchen

old kitchen3

Old Kitchen Micro & Frig

Old Kitchen Sink & Granite Table

Old Kitchen Sink & Granite Table

Old Kitchen Peninsula & Dining Area with Desk

Old Kitchen Peninsula & Dining Area with Desk

This is the original kitchen built with the house in 1986. The only change we made was to paint the walls to match the blue Formica countertops. It used to have an Impressionistic like floral wallpaper. After peeling that off I vowed to never wallpaper again.

The cabinets are built by the Midland Michigan based Owens Cabinets. They maintained their modern European look with style and resilience. Our new cabinets will also be made by Owens and designed by Bridget Owens.

Notice there is a funky built in glass-like cutting board which I never liked. I only use wood cutting boards. Anything else seems to damage the knives.

The flooring is sheet vinyl and is ready to say good bye.

The garbage can is always right in the middle of everything. Unsightly and soon to be gone.

We bought a French style bistro table from Pier One many years ago. It has a granite like top and a black iron frame. We’ll find a use for this in our sunroom for our plants.

The desk area has become my own work station in recent years as I acquired my own laptop. It will be developed more with the new kitchen.

We bought the solid oak 48 inch round table and chairs at the Midland Antique Fair when we first moved here. We may keep the table and have it refinished and stained a dark gray. An alternative is to buy a new gray table that is made to look old and distressed. Does that make sense?

The 3 solid wood counter height chairs were a gift from my neighbor Theresa Zainea. We have loved these and will use them as the basic style of our new chairs.

Ten years ago we bought an electric smooth top range and Euro style fan. Both of these are Sears Kenmore and have been great.  The small side oven is not a functional size though. We are switching to gas and will have a more powerful fan. This fan looks good, but did not do the job.

The updates will continue as our project moves on. Daryl Griggs is our builder and he is estimating 5 weeks. 🙂


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  1. Nina, thanks, I’m interested!

  2. Cheryl Weeks-Rosten

    Nina, you will love your new kitchen. In 2002 we updated a 1968 kitchen and the biggest
    change was taking out the peninsula and cupboards above, that visually chopped the room in half. Taking out your old hall wall will make a world of difference in creating a spacious feeling. As much cooking as you do, this should be a room that is convenient and exactly the way you want it. I can’t wait to see your ‘after’ photos


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