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Dinner Parties

Table Setting

We have hosted an unknown number of dinner parties……. As the clock approached 6:30 PM, there were times when my husband and I asked each other, “Why are we doing this?” Planning and coordinating schedules, menus, food shopping, food prep all take time. Since I tend not to plan my time well and had 3 children to care for, guests would often ring the doorbell while the kitchen was is in chaos. Slowly my kitchen is better prepared as guests arrive and we are enjoying the process more with each experience.

Our dinner parties range from a formal dinner club which meets every 2-3 months, to a gathering of last minute friends to a more complex coordination of special friends with busy schedules. I always wish we would make more time to share food and friendship in our home. Planning dinner parties is stressful, but also a creative way to share with friends.

Clean up: we all have our styles. I am careful to refrigerate leftovers during the dinner party. Most of the clean up is after they leave. The glassware waits until the next morning, a trick I learned from Mom and Dad’s dinner parties.

Treat yourself and your friends to delicious healthy food………..enjoy each other along the way!

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