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Shrimp Korma with Brown Rice

This awesome recipe was worth making twice this week. After making it for dinner early in the week I made it again, a double batch, and  served it at a dinner party over the weekend! They all loved it! Full of flavor, authentic Indian cuisine and low in fat and calories! The only changes I made was as I usually do, double the spices: onion, red bell pepper, curry, garam masala, ginger, garlic… got the idea. If you are making 1 recipe, use 1/2 can light coconut milk in the Korma and add the rest to the brown rice with the broth!   I bought frozen shrimp from our local produce/meat market;raw, shelled and deveined, 16/20 per pound. I also added a few more shrimp than the recipe. p.s. India Tree brand Garam Masala from Seattle is an awesome brand!

I think it is worth replacing refined rice with brown rice. Saute some onion in olive oil, add the brown rice and saute a few minutes, add twice as much broth and/or light coconut milk and simmer 45 minutes! Perfecto! No gluten, no simple carbs, lots of fiber and a chewy nutty flavor much better than bland white rice. The  whole grain/high fiber brown rice carbs stick with you without the simple white rice/low fiber carb rush.

Plan to serve this dish in a bowl with a spoon……….you don’t want to miss a drop!

Top this dish off with Greek yogurt, Fage 0% fat is my favorite………..Enjoy!

The Menu

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Shrimp Korma with Coconut Brown Rice

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  1. Fantastic dinner. Thanks, Nina, for the modifications from the original recipe. Yep, serve it in bowls……good to the last drop.

  2. So glad you agree! I love garam masala! First time I used it. I bought the spice at Eastman Party Store.


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